Wistful Winter

In July we decided to do our first winter themed shoot and we dressed our models in pieces originally designed and produced by Dandi. We had the opportunity to work with photographer, Kelsi Lyla, and she effectively captured the essence of stylish design on a wintery day.





















Head wrap tutorial

We’ve finally done our first tutorial on Dandi’s head wraps! Below we have demonstrated how to do the flower to the side look. Please read the step by step instructions and you will find it is really simple. These head wraps are the perfect accessory to make any outfit complete or to change your bad hair day into a more confident look for the day.

Tutorial flower (Large)

The side flower

Step 1: To make sure you make a perfect flower you will need to make sure the wrap is at unequal lengths. I would say about 5 cm difference in length.

Step 2: Place the band in the center of the front of your head.

Step 3: Wrap the band around the head

Step 4: Bring the band around back to the front of your head.

Step  5: Twist the band to secure the knot.

Step 6: Now you have come to your final steps. Start circling the band starting with the shorter piece.

Step 7:  Bring the longer piece around the shorter piece you have just wrapped around. Continue doing this until your flower starts to form.

Step 8: Neaten your flower by shaping it to how you would like it.  Don’t be sacred to be rough with it as the wire stays secure.

The bow to the side is a great way to switch it up a little bit! This is such a cute alternative to the flower.

Tutorial bow (Large)

The bow

Repeat step one to four from the previous tutorial. But this time start with the band wrapping it from the back of the head.

 Step 5: Twist the the two pieces around each other once.

Step 6: Flatten the bow and start to shape it.

The turban is another great way to switch up this look. We love it worn with your hair down, it gives this look a completely different feel over all.

Turban Tutorial (Large)

The turban

Step 1: Place the band in the center of the front of your head. The band can be at equal lengths for this look.

Step 2: Wrap the band around the head.

Step 3: Bring the band around back to the front of your head.

Step 4: Twist both pieces round doing a 180 and taking it back  the way you came from.

Step 5: This is your final step. Secure the band by twisting the final pieces and make a small circle shape at the back of your head.

Thank you for having a look at our tutorial. Happy head wrapping!

Out in the woods

We had the opportunity of working with Tyme Photography again on this styled shoot in woods. I must admit we really enjoyed the drastic change of  location.

We went for quite a simple look that really stood out with the forest surrounding. Our model Cayley is wearing one of our  favorite looks pairing a soft feminine nude mesh skirt with combat  boots and dark lips to give this beautiful combo a bit of an edge.

Pretty mesh skirt with lace detail paired with a leather belt and simple white top

Pretty mesh skirt with lace detail paired with a leather belt and simple white top


Dandi (10 of 179) (Large)We went for quite the opposite look with Brogan…with a simple denim and classic polka dot print dress paired with some chunky heels and fun yellow necklace  she really brightened up the neutral backdrop.

Denim polka dot dress with chunky heels

Denim polka dot dress with chunky heelsDandi (64 of 179) (Large)Cute floral top paired with pink lipstick

Ripped denim shorts have been a huge trend this last year. Our slouchy aztec print shirt makes this look a little more easy and relaxed.

Denim shorts and slouchy aztec print shirt

Denim shorts and slouchy aztec print shirt


We went for a more whimsical look here. Clashing patterns with a blue floral skirt and grey polka dot crop top this was one of our more feminine parings.

Polka dot tee with blue floral skirt paired with ankle boots

Polka dot tee with blue floral skirt paired with ankle boots

Whether it’s paisley, dots or stripes-Dandi loves patterns! This basic black and yellow summer dress is easily dressed up with nude wedge boots or simple flats for a more toned down look. A light breezy maxi dress is ideal for our hot summer days- the neutral tones on the dress make it an essential buy as it can be paired with any cardigan or denim jacket for cooler nights.

DAndi (93 of 179) (Large)



Casual Summer Days

Edit4 (Large)I recently did a photo shoot with one of my good friends. We decided to try on some of Dandi’s clothes and pair them in different ways. This was without a doubt one of my favorite looks.

 I love the cute floral crop top paired with this vintage high waisted denim skirt. edit 3 (Large)Its a fine line when wearing a crop top to not make it look to bare and pairing it with a high waisted item is definitely the way to do it.

Edit 4 (Large)Love these white platform sneakers from Topshop! They really make this outfit both casual and fun. The cute wooden buttons down the back of this crop top truly makes this item unique.

Edit1 (Large)

Edit2 (Large)


Suspender Hype


Lets just face it, suspenders make any outfit look cute and effortless!

Paired with jeans and a chambray shirt for a more casual look 
p09_p1 (Large)

Love this yellow skirt with red vintage straps

4f93ce149473421864eeb6e6eb9a191b (3) (Large).jpg edit

This lace bodysuit worn with lace light pink suspenders is amazing for summer

K1 (Large)


Paired with a long sleeve top and over sized scarf makes this item a must have for Autumn



We were very excited to launch Dandi at collective market last week Sunday! Dandi customers were very enthusiastic about our range. With our mix of classic vintage items combined with some newly designed items by Dandi, its no wonder it was such a success!

Dandi launch2 (Large)

IMG_9667 (Large)

These delicious red velvet Dandi cupcakes were given away with each Dandi purchase.

Dandi launch3 (Large)Dandi is in love with these newly listed head wraps for summer! They are our favorite accessory this season and were a very popular item at our launch.

Dandi launch4 (Large)Dandi had a amazing time sharing our new range with friends,family and all our new Dandi clientele at Collective. Thank you for all the support!

Dandi launch5 (Large)